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Mobile News - Week of December 7, 2020

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The latest news and information about startups and innovations from the mobile world.
2020 is one very strange year. 
While a pandemic is still raging that has cratered the U.S. economy and hurt many businesses and people, Wall Street appears to be “looking past” what is happening on Main Street. 
And what happened this past week makes no sense. Truly, no one can really explain why the stock price is going through the roof for an unprofitable, bleeding cash, and declining growth company. Even Airbnb CEO was almost speechless during Emily Chang’s interview. 
Airbnb is now worth more than the world’s three largest hotel chains - Marriott, Hilton, and Intercontinental combined. DoorDash is now valued more than Chipotle, KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell put together. 
Here is a shortlist of the top 25 tech IPOs this year (by market cap):
  • Snowflake ($100B)
  • Airbnb ($83B)
  • KE Holdings ($75B)
  • Doordash ($55.6B)
  • Palantir ($47B) 
  • Unity ($41B) 
  • Zoominfo ($16B)
  • ($11.5B)
  • Kingsoft Cloud ($10B)
  • Amwell Health ($7.4B)
  • nCino ($7.6B)
  • McAfee ($6.7B)
  • JFrog ($6.2B)
  • Duck Creek Technologies ($5.2B)
  • One Medical ($5.1B)
  • BigCommerce ($4.9B)
  • Shift 4 Payments ($4.9B)
  • ($4.7B)
  • Vroom ($4.5B)
  • Anana ($4.4B)
  • Lemonade ($4.3B)
  • RaceSpace ($4.2B)
  • Jamf ($3.7B)
  • Root insurance ($3.5B) 
  • Sumo Logic ($2.7B)
It’s just so hard to disconnect between the all-time high tech stock boom and Jeff Bezons becoming the World’s first Centibillionaire, while many Americans are struggling to survive with a 6.7% unemployment rate and 296,000 deaths and growing. 
Hang in there everyone! 
Here are the top mobile news this week >
  • Statitics - 130 billion app downlaods
  • Apple - Bulding its own cellular modem
  • Facebook - Legal trouble
  • India - Xiaomi wants to be Indian
  • China - 105 apps ban
  • Analysis - A video first future
  • California - COVID alert system launch

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