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Mobile News - Week of February 1, 2021

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The latest news and information about startups and innovations from the mobile world.

I had a fun discussion on CNBC a couple of weeks ago on the topic of the 2021 tech and venture capital industry 2020 was not so much about new innovation. Rather, it was how the pandemic supercharged some of the existing technology that we always wanted users to adopt.
Enterprise Application
From remote work to online health care, education, eCommerce, entertainment, gaming — all industries shifted dramatically and now conducting business online. We didn’t have a choice and still don’t.
Enterprise Infrastructure
Cloud services, enterprise IT, data infrastructure, and security companies are propelling this shift. Zoom now valued at over $111B. Amazon is now valued at $1.5 trillion with 32% of the market share.
Semiconductor chips are on all-time high demand driven by Nintendo, EV, and PC growth. PC made a come back in 2020 and with shipment reached 275 million units. A 4.8% YoY growth.
VC-Backed Company IPOs
Over 120 VC-backed IPOs with a combined $259.8 billion valuation.
Venture Capital Deployment
Over $300 billion was deployed with a 4% increase compared to 2019. The top 10 companies raised a combined $13.6B in 2020 from China, Singapore, Indonesia, and the United States.
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Here are the top mobile news this week >
  • Facebook vs Apple - Privacy war
  • Agora - Platform behind ClubHouse
  • Spotify - 155M subscribers
  • MediaTek - new mmWave modem
  • LP - Giving up on making smartphones?
  • Apple - iMessage technical deep dive

Facebook Preps Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple
Agora, powering Clubhouse, sees stocks soar as investors try to cash in on Silicon Valley’s hottest social media platform
Spotify with 155M Subscribers With Focus on Podcasts
MediaTek announces Helio M80: Its first mmWave modem
South Korea's LG considering all options for loss-making mobiles
A Look at iMessage in iOS 14
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