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Mobile News - Week of February 15, 2021

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The latest news and information about startups and innovations from the mobile world.

Happy Chinese New Year! 
It has been a long time (13 months 7 days to be exact) since I last visited Hong Kong, but it did not stop me from sharing virtually with my fellow founders over there.
I did this talk a couple of months ago on the topic of “How to craft your pitch deck” in which I used the “first date” analogy for investors and founders which I found quite fitting. 
Pitching is like speed dating. Even if there is love at first sight, an investor will not, cannot, and never would marry you the first time they meet you.  That means the only objective you (as a founder) have for the first date is to get the second date. 
Pitching is just the very beginning of a relationship. 
Investors want to invest in the next Mark Zuckerberg by building a business + product that everyone wants in a huge market. Founders want to raise money from investors who can give them capital, support, and guidance. 
In this talk, I also cover: 
  • What should a founder cover during your first pitch? 
  • What NOT to do on your first date/pitch?
  • What to ask your potential investors?
  • What to do after the first date? 
Enjoy and watch my talk
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Here are the top mobile news this week >
  • Statistics - Google and Facebook dominate mobile
  • Apple - Appstore payment win
  • Google - Paying for journalism 
  • Clubhouse - 8M installs
  • Privacy - Special Apple definition
  • Shopify - Launching Shop Pay

Google and Facebook still dominate mobile apps
Apple wins victory as North Dakota votes down bill that would regulate app stores
Google reach deal on payments for journalism
"Allow this app to personalize advertising for you?"
Shopify expands its payment option, Shop Pay, to its merchants on Facebook and Instagram
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