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Mobile News - Week of February 8, 2021

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The latest news and information about startups and innovations from the mobile world.

Hello from the sunny and (finally open for outdoor dining) San Francisco!  
As I mentioned last week, quite a few prominent tech companies like Twitter, Square, Brex, Slack, Facebook, and Apple are all turning into remote-first and distributed companies. 
With high-speed internet, reliable video communication, and real-time file sharing, I am seeing many exciting startups that are enabling this new world of distributed society. I really like this market map by CBInsights, which captures most of the application level companies but it’s missing security, data privacy, middleware, and server infrastructure that empowers these enterprise applications. 
  • Messaging & Chat - Slack and Microsoft Team challengers
  • Video Conferencing - Zoom, Skype, and Webex challengers
  • Documentation & Knowledge - Google docs and Notion challengers
  • Virtual Office - These startups are trying to replace the water cooler motions for remote teams
  • Project Management
  • Productivity & Workspace
  • Collaborative Design - Figma challengers
  • Collaborative Software Dev
  • Team Analytics 
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Here are the top mobile news this week >
  • Statistics - Telegram #1
  • Statistics - $111 billion App spending
  • Apple - Micro OLED displays
  • Apple - fighting for Urdu
  • Qualcomm - X65 5G modem 
  • Clubhouse - China ban
  • Twitter vs Clubhouse
  • WeChat - No more Trump Ban

Top Apps Worldwide for January 2021 by Downloads
Consumer Spending in Top 100 Subscription Apps Climbed 34% to $13 Billion in 2020
Apple partners with TSMC to develop ultra-advanced displays
Meet the people fighting to keep a language alive online
Qualcomm's new X65 5G modem downloads data at lightning-fast 10Gbps speeds
Clubhouse is now blocked in China after a brief uncensored period
The Bull Case For Twitter Spaces
Biden pauses court cases on TikTok, WeChat bans
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